Conference Proposal Guidelines

Publishing conference proceedings

 The conference planners are required to email ( a proposal. The conference proposal will be evaluated by our selected editorial board. If the conference proposal is approved by the editorial board, the conference planners will be asked to submit the conference proceedings with JASE. The proceedings will be published in both print and online versions as requested by the planner.

Time required for approval

 If the proposal is well informative, the planner will receive the reply within 10 days.

Publishing the proceedings

 JASE editorial manager will need minimum of 30 days from submission to publishing in both print and online formats. The conference papers are required to be submitted in the JASE Template format.

In the proposal of a conference to be included in the JASE, the following information should be included:

  • 1. Title of Conference
  • 2. Venue
  • 3. Date/schedule
  • 4. Support / technical partners (if any)
  • 5. Technical committee of the conference
  • 6. Scope of the papers to be accepted (should be in line with the scope of the JASE)
  • 7. A brief description of the conference