Peer Review Process

All manuscripts submitted to the International Journal of Informatics Electrical and Electronics Engineering (JIEEE) is peer-reviewed as per the following procedure:

a) Initial review: The evaluation of each manuscript is done by Editor-in-Chief using online plagiarism checker to determine that a topic and content is suitable for consideration by the JIEEE. Papers with more than 15% plagiarism are returned to the authors within one week of receipt, so that the authors can decide to either correct the problems or to submit the paper to an appropriate venue.

b) Peer review: After passing the initial review the manuscripts are assigned to an Associate Editor, who selects four referees based on their expertise in the field of paper. Every paper is reviewed by at least four referees in a double-blind peer review process, where both the referees and the authors are kept unspecified. Referees evaluate the paper based on its originality, soundness of methodology, impact to design research, and relevance to design practices. For the better management of timings the referees are requested to submit the report within two weeks. On the basis of the referees' reports and recommendation the Editor-in-Chief communicate the final decision. The final decision can be "Accepted for publication", "Accepted with Revision", "Rejected submission’. A revised paper should be re-submitted within 7 days of the decision by the author. It will be returned to the previous referees for evaluation.

c) Publication: After the final acceptance of paper the paper will be communicated to the publication manager for layout editing and a gallery proof will be provided to author for proof reading within 2 days, after it the paper will be published in either current issue or upcoming issue.