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Seismic Analysis of Irregular Building on Hilly Area

Anjeet Singh Chauhan, Rajiv Banerjee
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Volume 1 , Issue 1 , PP 1-7


The RC buildings construction has increased in the preferred location of north & eastern hilly areas during the last few decades due to population increase, urbanization, and tourists. The buildings located in the hilly areas are more susceptible to seismic loading as compare to the location of the flat surface building. The shape of the building on the sloping ground differs from the flat surface situated buildings. So the construction of the building on hilly areas are irregular in both vertically & horizontally, thus this type of building is susceptible to severe damage when applied the seismic condition. The column of the base storey having unequal height due to sloping ground. In this study, the behaviour of 10 storey stepback building with mass and diaphragm irregularity on the sloping ground is analysed in seismic zone V by Response Spectrum. The analysis of the building is carried out by Etabs software as per IS 1893:2016 to compare the building based on their dynamic response and also identify the vulnerability frame in the sloping ground.

Key-Words / Index Term

Sloping ground, Mass & Diaphragm irregularty, Stepback building, Response Spectrum method IS 1893:2016


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