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Combined Piled-Raft Foundation a Sustainable Option for Week Soil (Alluvial Soil)

Devesh Ojha, Rajendra Kumar Srivastava
Case Study | Journal Paper
Volume 1 , Issue 1 , PP 1-6


There are no standards and no design rules for Combined Piled-Raft Foundation available up to now. A preliminary stage and a final stage are involved in the construction of a piled raft base. The preliminary design stage includes determining the critical parameters, such as the number of piles, their diameter, and length, as well as the Es value of the subsoil strata, in order to establish an optimal design that can achieve the necessary settlement reduction. Precision and accuracy of the current design strategies are calculated by in-situ parameters such as Es, despite that, the computational effort and time do not justify their use for preliminary studies that may require.

Key-Words / Index Term

piled raft, combined piled-raft foundation (CPRF)


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