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Architectural Drawing of G+10 Building By 3ds Max+V-Ray Lumion

Abhay Yadav, Devesh Ojha
Technical Paper | Journal Paper
Volume 1 , Issue 2 , PP 1-11


This minor project aims at complete planning and architectural drawing of the G+10 building. The planning is carried out in AutoCAD followed by architectural drawing in Auto-desk 3DS MAX 2015. The rendering of this project has been done in LUMION 10. The building design is a multi-story residential building i.e., G+10. The building is rectangular in shape. The ground floor is left as a parking space for 40 flats of the building. Every floor has 4 flats, two 2bhk and two 3bhk. Plans for all the floors are identical. Orientation of building is in such a way that the front is facing towards south. The building has been designed as an RCC framed structure and the type of wall is a brick wall.

Key-Words / Index Term

3DS MAX+V-RAY, LUMION, building architectures


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