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Cyber Security Methodologies and Attack Management

Sachin Kumar Tomar, Pawan Singh,
Review Paper | Journal Paper
Volume 1 , Issue 1 , PP 1-8


Cyber Security refers to the processes of protecting data and systems from cyber-attacks. Any firm without security policies and systematic security systems is at large risk and the important data related to that firm are not safe without security policies like. Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standard framework used to protect payment security credit card, debit card, etc. In maintaining access, the hacker inside the target system used to exploit vulnerabilities and password cracking. In today’s era, day by day cybercrimes rises so it raised the requirement of system Security or even the entire network. As more business exercises are being mechanized and an expanding number of PCs are being utilized to store important data, the requirement for secure PC frameworks turns out to be more evident. As a result, network safety issues have become public safety issues.

Key-Words / Index Term

Cyber Security, Terminologies, Attacks, Forensics, Steganography, Cryptography


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