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A Comprehensive Survey on Machine Learning

Astha Singh, Pawan Singh, Anil Kr Tiwari
Review Paper | Journal Paper
Volume 1 , Issue 1 , PP 1-17


The objective of this briefing is to present an overview of the topic, machine learning techniques currently in use or in consideration at statistical agencies worldwide. It is important to know the main reason why real-world scenario should start exploring the use of machine learning techniques, terminology, approach and about few popular libraries in python, what regression is, by completely throwing light on simple as well as multiple linear and non-linear regression models and their applications, classification techniques, various clustering techniques. The material presented in this paper is the result of a study based on different models and the study of various datasets (analysis and choice of the correct model are important). While Machine Learning involves concepts of automation, it requires human guidance. Machine Learning involves a high level of generalization to get a system that performs well on yet-unseen data instances. Topics like regression, classification and clustering, the report cover the insight of various techniques and their applications.

Key-Words / Index Term

Machine Learning, Regression, Classification, Clustering


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