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Management of Django Web Development in Python

Ashish Chandiramani, Pawan Singh
Research Paper | Journal Paper
Volume 1 , Issue 2 , PP 1-17


Application Development is not only limited to the business or promotional field but it also helps to provide the necessary services to the common people across the world by creating an interaction between the companies and the customers through the website. It also creates a platform for the common people who have the ability to attract the audience using their talent. We can take the example of various blog writers, online councillors and fashion influencers who have a large audience because of their quality content and knowledge in their field. We have generally seen how the electronic companies have marked their presence on the online platform via the website which enables the users to contact the company easily. Online retail companies interact with the users via website and provide the orders at the doorsteps of the people. There are various news agencies which had created their website which keeps the users updated with the latest national and international articles. The website development has helped to create a link between the people and the companies, but behind all these facilities there is a powerful language and commands that holds these computational activities and data transfers which helps to create a good interaction between the users and the website owners. Web developers are classified into Front-end and Back-end web developers, Front-end developers help to create an interactive interface that can be easily accessed by the users, whereas Back-end development deals with the main work that is done behind the screens. We can say that it helps to power the website by managing data transfer and other computational activities. In this project, the importance of Django and back-end web development is explained. Using the tools and commands of these languages we can make an interactive and user-friendly interface that can be easily accessed by people. Back-end was earlier known for limited purposes but now when it is explored thoroughly proved to be one of the best languages for website development, gaming, Artificial Intelligence, and highly advanced mobile applications.

Key-Words / Index Term

Web Development, Django, Python, BackEnd.


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