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Face Mask Detection using Deep Learning to Manage Pandemic Guidelines

Ankita Singh, Pawan Singh
Research Paper | Journal Paper
Volume 1 , Issue 2 , PP 1-21


The field of Computer Vision is a branch of the science of the computers and systems of software in which one can visualize and as well as comprehend the images and scenes given in the input. This field is consisting of numerous aspects for example image recognition, the detection of objects, generation of images, image super-resolution and more others. Object detection is broadly utilized for the detection of faces, the detection of vehicles, counting of pedestrians on a certain street, images displayed on the web, security systems and cars with the feature of self-driving. This process also encompasses the precision of every technique for recognizing objects. The detection of objects is a crucial task; however, it is also a very challenging vision task. It is an analytical subdi-vide of various applications such as searching of images, image auto-annotation, or scene understanding and tracking of various objects. The tracking of objects in motion of video image sequence was one of the most important subjects in computer vision.

Key-Words / Index Term

Object Detection, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Deep neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Network, SSD, YOLO, Open CV, Tensor flow


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